It’s a bad dream !!!

It’s a bad dream,
in night,

it’s all foggy outside,
it’s foggy inside;

deathly cool outside;
deathly scary dream inside;

roads are empty outside;
thoughts are empty inside;

it’s dew on outside window glass;
it’s dew on inside eyes glass;

moon is lonely without stars tonight;
i am lonely without u for the night,

yes !! it’s a bad dream
in night !!!-anant:-)

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About anantmody

Anant Mody -The rocking business man of india in making.
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5 Responses to It’s a bad dream !!!

  1. deepali says:

    such a bad dream so sad…..


  2. Sunita Gowda says:

    Vat a thot..
    liked it…


  3. Sunita Gowda says:

    I liked d way u expressed ur thots…. d words .r v. Beautifully used


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